Can I try out your Linguistic Analysis capabilities?

If you'd like to try out our linguistic analysis capabilities, the Rosette API is a great way to sample. Sign up here for a free trial.

If you are a Java SDK customer, sample programs are included with RBL-JE.  These can be run from the command line using Apache Ant.

Navigate to rbl-je-<version>/samples/analyze-tokenize

To run tokenization and analysis on a German (deu) file located at rbl-je-<version>/samples/data named deu-text.txt simply run the sample as such

ant run

2 files will be created

  • deu-analyzed.txt
  • deu-tokenized.txt

To change the language simply execute the command as such

ant run -Dtest.language=eng

If you're interested in our Java SDK, please inquire with us.

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