Is there a command line utility for the SDK I can use to identify all languages in a file and the number of characters found in each language?

You can do this with one of our sample programs. For example:

  • rlp/samples/cplusplus/rlbl_sample.cpp 
  • rlp/samples/java/

You can run the program by:

cd $BT_ROOT\rlp\samples\scripts\amd64-w64-msvc80

The rlbl_sample.cpp program reads in a multilingual text file, and run Rosette Base Linguistics (RBL) on the different language regions it finds. If you just want to see the language regions information just like in the RLP Demo, you can modify the program and comment out the RBL part. Please see our RLP Application Developer's Guide, Chapter 3.14 Building and Running the Applications, on how to build and run the sample programs

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