Why won't the RNT web service start and run correctly?

There are a several pre-requisites that the Rosette Name Translator (RNT) web service requires before starting and operating correctly:

Make sure that you have Java installed; we recommend Java 7. On windows machines make doubly sure that the version of Java you have matches the architecture for your machine and operating system; 64bit Windows with the 64bit version of our service requires 64bit Java.

You need to have the Rosette Linguistics Platform (RLP) installed first (unless you are running the web service on Windows using the MSI installer).

You must have a valid license file for RNT and it must be placed within your RLP installation (in BT_ROOT/rlp/rlp/licenses )

The version of RLP and RNT must share the same primary and secondary version numbers; eg. RNT 7.11.0 is compatible with RLP 7.11.2 but not RLP 7.12.0.







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