How can I make a Rosette API call in Chrome's Postman extension?

To get started quickly, you can try any endpoint from the Interactive Rosette API Documentation. For more features and functionality, we also recommend using the POSTMAN plugin for Chrome. Below we describe how to configure it.


  1. Install the app called "Postman" in your Chrome browser, and open it
  2. Click on "GET" in the upper middle of the page
  3. Select "POST" from the drop-down
  4. Below that, click on the "Headers" tab (see first screenshot)
  5. Under that, enter these headers (with values): X-RosetteAPI-Key, Content-Type, Accept
  6. Click on the "Body" tab
  7. Underneath, select "Raw"
  8. Enter JSON-formatted content in the Body window (see second screenshot)
  9. Click "Send" at the top right

JSON-formatted content:

Typical results below:

EXAMPLE SETTINGS:  (these settings work, but use your own key)

'Content-Type' : 'application/json'

'Accept' : 'application/json'


{"content": "President Obama urges the Congress and Speaker Boehner to pass the $50 billion spending bill based on Christian faith by July 1st or Washington will become totally dysfunctional, a terrible outcome for American people."}

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