What's with the really long version number?

Starting in 2Q15, Rosette release numbers are suffixed with a compatibility number. For example, with release RLI-JE 7.13.0.c56.6, the release version is 7.13.0, and the compatibility version is c56.6. If you package multiple Rosette products in a single application, you should choose versions with the same compatibility number.

For instance, RLI-JE 7.13.0.c56.6 is compatible with REX-JE 7.14.0.c56.6. That is, you can package these products together in the same library without conflicts. If you package together products with different compatibility numbers, you are likely to encounter errors due to multiple versions of included libraries.

Note that there is a potentially many-to-one relationship between release versions and compatibility versions; i.e., the next RLI-JE release may (or may not) be 7.13.1.c56.6.

In correspondence, we will often continue to refer to products by their shortened version number, e.g., RLI-JE 7.13.0. This should be understood to refer to RLI-JE 7.13.0.c56.6.

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