How do I translate a name using the RESTful (JSON) web service?

Construct an HTTP post to:



The header should contain the following:

Accept: application/json


The payload must be valid JSON in the format given by this example:

{"entityType": "PERSON",
"names": ["Mohammed Al Fayed"], "source": {
"lang":"ENGLISH", "scheme": "FOLK", "script": "Latn"
}, "target": {
"lang":"ARABIC", "scheme": "NATIVE", "script": "Arab"


The 'names' argument can contain a list of names separated by commas for batch translation. 


The expected output is:

[{"results":[{"annotations":{"orthography":null,"segmentation":null,"nonDictionaryTokens":null,"languageOfOrigin":{"indices":[0,8,9,19],"languageOfOrigin":["ARABIC","ARABIC"]}},"translation":"مُحَمَّد اَلْفَايِد","confidence":1.0}],"originalName":"Mohammed Al Fayed"}]






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