What are Rosette Entity Extraction and Entity Linking?

Rosette Entity Extraction SDK (REX) and Rosette Entity Linking SDK (RES) are available as Java SDKs and through the /entities and /entities/linked endpoints of the Rosette API (the /entities/linked endpoint is deprecated as of 7/2016 - use the /entities endpoint to get that same linking AND entity type return all from one endpoint) . Rosette Entity Extraction uses case-sensitive statistical models and exact matching to identify entities in documents in a variety of languages. Rosette Entity Linking links entities in the input to a knowledge base of people, locations, and organizations to help you establish the entity’s identity. The Rosette API endpoint returns an entityId that can be used to obtain more information about each entity, such as its canonical name, Wikidata page, and Freebase identifier. The Rosette Java SDK can be configured to use a user-managed entity database.

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