What are "labs" Rosette API endpoints?

Our "labs" functions are text analysis tools that we've developed internally but not fully polished that we think our users could benefit from trying sooner rather than later. We're hoping people will try them out, but expect the unexpected, and hopefully we get to engage in conversations with users who have tried the labs functions and can help us improve them. So if you have some feedback for us on any of these, please let us know! We'd love to hear from you (even if you just want to tell us we're being dumb).

Our labs functions are /text-embedding, and the upcoming /syntax/dependencies. For more help trying /text-embedding, check out our blog post and github code. We think people will use our vectors for measuring semantic similarity across languages, but we really want to hear what the community is actually up to! Just sign in and open a ticket or email support@rosette.com :)

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