TLS 1.2 Required After December 2018

After December 2018, Basis will no longer support TLS 1.0 and 1.1 for browsers and clients accessing the Rosette API ( Most customers will not be affected by this change.  If you are not using an up to date browser or client, you will start to receive a protocol error after December 2018.

Which TLS Version am I Using?

It’s very unlikely that you’re using a browser that doesn’t support TLS 1.2, but you can verify protocol support using the SSL Test tool from SSL Labs, or check their User Agent Capabilities list.

In order to check your API clients, please consult your programming language and operating system documentation to determine whether there’s support for TLS 1.2. Below is a list of some common languages, versions, and libraries that will be affected:

  • Python 2.7.8 and earlier

  • Java 7, which doesn’t support TLS 1.2 by default

  • Some versions of Mac OS ship with an older version of openSSL (0.9.8y, for example) which only supports TLS 1.0 and requires support for 3DES ciphers, which we will no longer support. If you’re using these command-line tools on a Mac, you can update to the latest version of openSSL with Homebrew, using brew install openssl (possibly followed by installing cURL with Homebrew, which will link against the more recent version of openSSL that was just installed).

Testing Your Client

If you receive a successful response when you ping, then you are using a valid version of TLS. ping is the only option available on this url.

Successful response:

  "message": "Rosette API at your service",
  "time": 1546300800
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